Starseed – An Overview

Starseed is an empowering, fun brand that aims to develop the creative thinking and self-leadership skills of children and young adults. We are passionate about children and developing young adults. We believe they hold great capacity for success and self-empowerment, thereby the keys to change the outcome of our future.

Our vision is to awaken them to their own creative ingenuity, supporting them to take ownership of their lives. Using our 4-step process of iSee, iShine, iExpress and iShare, we take the participants on a journey of life experience & understanding.

Learning objectives include:

  • Taking responsibility for one’s own life experience.
  • Development of self-awareness among others through emotional intelligence.
  • Clarity of one’s passions and values
  • Understanding the power of perception and the skill to make deliberate choices
  • The skill and tools to problem-solve and generate ideas
  • Development of Constructive and Creative Thinking
  • The framework of translating goals and dreams into action for tangible results


Our Vision

Starseed aims to awaken children and young adults to their own creative ingenuity, thereby empowering the future of our community and the greater world.

Our 5-Year Goal Plan:

  • Empower children from disadvantaged communities as well as government and private high schools
  • Empower young adults in disadvantaged communities as well as universities and entrepreneur programs
  • Partner with government and corporate business to increase influence and impact
  • Obtain sponsorship to support growth, high quality and wider reach
  • To influence children and young adults nationally, via roadshows and community work
  • To start up The Starseed Academy, thereby generating qualifications, job opportunities and sustainability
  • Create a youth revolution via the launch of The Starseed Pack, a social membership community for all Starseed participants, to encourage sharing, collaboration and sustainable support

“For those who have eyes to see, the world becomes a constant companion and catalyst to our creative endeavors”

Julia Cameron, Author

The Facilitators

Simone Berger


Simone Berger, founder of Alchemy in Motion, started her journey in the
advertising media industry, working as a freelance creative director, senior on-air manager and head of new media for SABC1. Her achievements include the 2011 SABC1 rebrand, the 2010 FIFA World Cup, 2009 Confederations Cup and the 2008-2011 SAMA Awards.

Her role included management of on-air promos, TV set design, show treatments and all creative implementation for the brand. Congruently, Simone headed the new media division where she launched the SABC1 website, mobi site and the first television-mobi game in South Africa.

Simone was a judge for the 2010 Canadian, Australasia and Asian Promax Awards, where television creativity is recognized. She saw the need for creative thinking and innovation processes in the business world and so
launched Alchemy in Motion. Alchemy in Motion supports organisations to harness creative thinking to problem-solve, increase performance, leadership and impact bottom-line. Their clients include Discovery, ACSA, Forever SA, Clarens International, Merck Group and Investec to name a few.

Simone Berger is an internationally accredited life/business coach, with qualifications in Visual Communication and Creative Thinking. Her passion for young adults and children has led her to launch Starseed, a empowering workshop teaching the keys and tools to taking ownership of one’s life through creative thinking, responsibility and the power of choice.

Phil Keye


Phil Keye’s passion is to help kids and teenagers to follow their unique destiny and to overcome life challenges. He uses imaginative, playful games and processes, which subconsciously guide the kids to achieving their dreams in a fun and playful manner. These internationally accredited processes have proven to be successful time and time again.

He has worked at Bella Vida Centre doing 1 on 1 coaching, running the Tools For Life for kids workshops, The Mastery Club for teenagers workshop, and a 2 day Kids Adventure Camp. Prior to Bella Vida Phil taught sports for 2 years at Michael Mount Waldorf School, where he had his own cricket, Soccer, Tennis and Rock Climbing teams. He now is affiliated with the Sandton Psychology and Wellness Centre in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

Phil Keye is a qualified ILS Coach, registered with COMENSA and has been on this path of self development and discovery for the past 11 years. Phil is also a Professional Firewalking Instructor through the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education.

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