The Slaying Your Dragon Workshop is designed to help kids get clarity on their purpose and vision for their life.

Every child will undergo a Value Determination process to understand what is important to them, then a vision board is created to help them see their vision clearly.

Once they understand this vision,


we help them to see the fears that are standing in the way using a tried an tested process. We put these fears under a microscope to diffuse their power.

Each kid then writes their intention on a wooden block, and smashes it karate style with their bare hands (this is a safe process). We then make a sword and infuse it with the power of each kids vision and smash a symbolic Dragon Piñata which represents their fear!

  • 1 Day kids workshop between ages of 8 and 12
  • Times: 9am – 1pm
  • Genie lamp – what are your top 3 wishes
  • Kids Value determination
  • Vision board – build your vision
  • Action steps – Guitar + running around process
  • Fear False expectations appearing real
  • Draw or write fears down
  • Put in dragon piñata’s mouth
  • Build swords with word of courage
  • Play inspiring music and motivate
  • Board break
  • Smash Dragon-Pinata
Costs: R1000 Per kid Times: 9am – 3pm

Upcoming Workshops

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