No More Bullying – An Introduction


Bullying continues to be a focus of attention in our schools and in our communities at large. Yet this phenomena has not been fully addressed in a way that allows our kids to understand the underlying social dynamic that is unfolding before us.

The NO MORE BULLYING workshop was developed by Ilze Alberts to offer the kids a deeper and fuller understanding of how bullying functions in the human social dynamic, and gives the teachers a powerful tool for handling and understanding bullying as a whole.

It offers a new look at an age-old social dynamic by incorporating the latest research, ideas and tools available.


The purpose of this workshop is to empower kids with the tools to handle and understand bullying in its entirety. To demonstrate that the “bully” and the “victim” are actually attracted to each other by forces of nature that demand that they each learn important life lessons. The bully needs to learn more respect for others and the victim needs to learn more respect for self. It is this mutual need to learn from each other that draws them together.


  • A deeper understanding of the bullying phenomenon
  • Conscious understanding of ones personal role in the bullying situation.
  • The knowledge that every “stressing” has an equal and opposite “blessing”.
  • A better understanding of human behaviour and human potential.
  • Having the tools to consciously work on oneself regarding any bullying situation.




  • Powerful tools to facilitate bullying in the classroom.
  • A new approach to dealing with bullying
  • A conscious facilitation process for both the bully and the victim
  • To equip teachers with a deep understanding of where the bullying dynamic comes from
  • A better understanding of human behaviour.

The Facilitators

Ilze Alberts


Ilze is the Creator of the No More Bullying workshop. She is the founder of Bella Vida Centre, a family focused professional wellness centre in Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa. She is a registered psychologist and Life coach, a master Demartini Method® Facilitator, an international speaker, author and businesswoman. She is well known as a family expert and human behaviour specialist.

Ilze Alberts deeply believes in the genius and brilliance that is present in every person and she is passionate in assisting the discovery and empowerment of that genius and brilliance for people of all ages. She is inspired to assist every person, young and old to lead lives that are masterful, powerful, inspiring and beautiful.

“I have known Ilze Alberts for 8 years in her professional capacity as a psychologist and Demartini Method Facilitator and have experienced her as inspiring, dedicated to serving people and willing to go more than the extra mile. She is certainly a leader of leaders and dedicates her time, energy and effort to her vision of inspiring and empowering people of all ages, globally. She is an empowered woman and a role model to many. She will leave her leadership legacy for generations to come as she takes her message and services to the world.” – John Demartini

Phil Keye


Phil, who many of you know as the Kids and Teens Empowerment Coach, has been trained by and licensed by Ilze Alberts to run the No More Bullying Workshop. He has a passion is to help kids and teenagers to follow their unique destiny and to overcome any life challenges. He uses imaginative, playful games and processes which subconsciously guide the kids to achieving their dreams in a fun and playful manner. These internationally accredited processes have proven to be successful time and time again.

Phil Keye works at the Sandton Psychology and Wellness Centre in Bryanston, Sandton doing 1 on 1 coaching and running many workshops for Kids, teens and adults. Phil has also taught sports for 2 years at Michael Mount Waldorf School, where he had his own cricket, Soccer, Tennis and Rock Climbing teams

Phil Keye is a qualified ILS Coach, registered with COMENSA and has been on this path of self development and discovery for the past 11 years. Phil is also a Professional Firewalking Instructor through the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education.


“As a teacher of boys and girls at a very busy school, I have felt ill equipped to handle the constant issues with the children around bullying. I feel now I understand the dance and how to equip the children and parents. I highly recommend this workshop to teachers”.

“My son was in tears many days after school because there was namecalling and teasing. He complained of tummy aches and looked for excuses to stay at home. I felt angry and helpless as his parent and I was angry with his school for not intervening. My eyes opened in this talk and I have gained a different understanding of what is happening. I also feel more able to help my child and know we are in this together and together we will conquer this.” Sharon B


We propose to do this 2 hour workshop for all 11 classes, at R60 per child. Assuming 400 kids this would be a total of R24,000. The teacher training will be for free. This is a very powerful workshop and was specifically designed to help kids overcome any issues around bullying, and to give teachers the tools to handle such situations.


  • ASSUMING 400 KIDS AT R60 PER KID = R24,000

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