#Dare2Be Master Class

An integrated workshop of Self discovery and awareness for teens (1st Sept 2016)

#Dare2Be for Teens (13 – 19 years old) is a 6 hour workshop, comprised of 4 sessions, which guides teenagers to become more aware of who they are, and their unique offering to the world. Teens will be split into 4 groups, and will be competing with each other in a fun-filled hands on experiential environment. Games and practical exercises keep it fun and transformational, preparing them for what lies ahead, both at school and in the real world.

We start the day off with a light meditation, guiding teens to connect with themselves. We then talk about the fact that everyone has a unique set of gifts and talents that they bring into this world. After this we get out the scissors, glue and magazines, and start creating  our vision boards!
Teens are encouraged to add to this board as the day progresses.

Teens will complete a personality assessment to determine what colour personality they fit into best.
Here we dive deep into each child’s personality type, according to Insights Discovery Learning System, which provides the secret keys to enhanced communication and inter-personal effectiveness. We explore Key personality traits, world view, strengths and weaknesses, self perception and appearance.

Its competition time!
After each teen completes a conflict style assessment to determine their unique conflict style, they will be broken into groups and asked to compete in a secret competition. The winners will get a prize!
Each teen’s style will lean more towards one of the five conflict styles (competing, avoiding, compromising, collaborating or accommodating). After this we discuss the different conflict styles in groups in terms of advantages, disadvantageous, when to use which styles and when not to use certain styles.

We spend some time in silence, contemplating each individuals unique strengths, skills and gifts. This helps each teen to align more congruently with their purpose in life. After completing some internationally accredited life skills processes, your teen will come up with their own unique “I am” statement, stating their purpose in this world. Once completed each teen will decide on their own unique goals that will guide them to fulfilling this purpose.

Registration – Please deposit R1,090 to the following

Account Name: Key Coaching (Pty) Ltd
Acc no: 023 380 381
Bank: Std Bank
Branch: Fourways Crossing

Date: Thurs 1 September 2016
Times: 9am – 3pm
Investment: R1,090 per child
Venue: The Sandton Psychology and Wellness Centre, 268 Bryanston Drive, Bryanston

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