Slay Your Dragon

The Slaying Your Dragon Workshop is designed to help kids get clarity on their purpose and vision for their life.

Every child will undergo a Value Determination process to understand what is important to them, then a vision board is created to help them see their vision clearly. We help them to see the fears that are standing in the way using a tried an tested process and we diffuse their power.

Tools for Life

Do you want your kids to be equipped to deal with life in an independent and a successful way? Do you want your kids to be more confident? Do you want your kids to learn how to:

  • To handle their stress and anxiety?
  • Emotional intelligence?
  • Deal with their challenges?
  • Feel independent and self-reliant?
  • Believw and trust in themselves?
  • Unhook the “t” from can’t and learn how to say: “I can”?

Kids Outdoor Adventure Camps

After working as a successful Kids Empowerment Coach and a sports coach for some years, Phil realised that kids have forgotten how to play outside.

Many kids today, are glued to the TV and their computer games. Through outdoor activities and FUN, our aim is to re-introduce a sense of PLAY with the outdoors! This is a great opportunity for your kids to make new friends in a fun way, and in a safe environment.

Starseed For Teens

Starseed is an empowering, fun brand that aims to develop the creative thinking and self-leadership skills of children and young adults. We are passionate about children and developing young adults. We believe they hold great capacity for success and self-empowerment, thereby the keys to change the outcome of our future.

Our vision is to awaken them to their own creative ingenuity, supporting them to take ownership of their lives. Using our 4-step process of iSee, iShine, iExpress and iShare, we take the participants on a journey of life experience & understanding.

No More Bullying

Bullying continues to be a focus of attention in our schools and in our communities at large. Yet this phenomena has not been fully addressed in a way that allows our kids to understand the underlying social dynamic that is unfolding before us.

The NO MORE BULLYING workshop was developed by Ilze Alberts to offer the kids a deeper and fuller understanding of how bullying functions in the human social dynamic, and gives the teachers a powerful tool for handling and understanding bullying as a whole.