How to transmute a limiting belief in 4 conscious steps:

How to transmute a limiting belief in 4 conscious steps:

Do you ever feel Overwhelmed?

As an entrepreneur, I have moments where I feel like I have too much to do, all at the same time, and it sends me into a spin. Then when friends phone I get irritated by them, I am short and rude on the phone, and that creates tension in the relationship. Yesterday, after feeling SOOOO overwhelmed with work, my mother called and asked me some simple questions about how my day was, and I responded so harshly. This is not what how I choose to carry on!

After shouting at my mother, I decided to investigate this feeling of being “overwhelmed”. Upon reflection, my mind takes me back to a distant memory. I go back to being 7 years old, which was when my parents got divorced. At the age of 7, while my parents were going through the divorce process, I was asked by various people and authorities, to make a decision as to where I would like to live. With mom, or with dad? I felt torn between two worlds, and found it difficult to make a decision. How could I choose one parent over the other? I was not mature enough to make such a decision! I was torn between both parents, and could not make a decision. I was also too embarrassed to voice my opinion on the matter, and felt guilty whether I chose my mother or father to be my rightful parent.

Being an adult

Now I see myself as an adult facing the same problems. Running my business can create the same feeling of overwhelm. Some days I have too many things to do, and that creates stress, and I end up making no decision at all. This place of overwhelm can lead me to going down a spiral of negativity. I end up blocking everything from entering my space, friends, thoughts, creativity, inspiration… The whole shebang! But when I looked honestly at this feeling of being “overwhelmed”, I found out that this feeling was a deep seated belief of mine. And it was exactly that… A belief… I sat on my hammock for at least an hour, listening to a voice inside my head. The voice sounded like a little boy crying out, explaining how confused he felt and how overwhelmed he felt. I just listened and asked where this pain comes from? The voice explained it to me. I listened. I asked more questions. The voice explained more. I listened. I fell into a deep asleep… When I woke up, I felt light, I was ready, and my little voice was heard.
These beliefs that cause such pain, are often born from old traumatic experiences, which we tend to bottle up. However, bottling up pain, does not allow the pain to escape the body, and the trauma will pop up time and time again. So instead of hiding from my pain, I now choose to let it be. To accept it for what it is. This allows me to be the creator of my life, by choosing which beliefs I want to keep, and which beliefs I can let go of…

These steps will help you transmute any limiting belief:

1) Listen to whatever comes up during your day, whether that’s a thought or emotion.
2) Be genuinely interested in the story behind this emotion. Ask questions like “where did this come from?” “How can I support this belief?” “what does this thought need to feel supported?”
3) Treat your thoughts gently, like a loving mother would treat her child. This allows you to experience full freedom from within. This allows you to start expressing yourself honestly to the world without having the need to hide or put on a mask.
4) This is the opposite of being hard on yourself and beating yourself up. Rather listen to the story and let it evolve as it naturally does.

I’d like to invite you to imagine treating yourself in the opposite way, as I believe this is a reality for a lot of people out there.

So here is an example of how NOT to treat yourself

1) Emotions come up, and you bottle it up inside. You feel too embarrassed to express what your feelings.
2) You get irritated with yourself and say things like “stop being so useless” “when are you going to grow up” “I am such an idiot” “I wish I could just express this”.
3) As a result, you start feeling horrible about who you are, which is evident in your actions. You start being short with people. You have no time for the things you love and enjoy. You start to manifest a life that you actually do not want.
4) Voila! You have created a life of misery!

So the key here is to listen to your thoughts and emotions. Think of each thought and emotion that you experience, as different characters in your internal world. Let them express themselves, as this allows them to be accepted in your reality. Once they are accepted and heard, they will be able to change form, and they will start feeling lighter. It will feel like a weight has been lifted.

If your a visual person, here is something I personally like to do… Imagine yourself when you were young. What type of adult would you feel most comfortable expressing your true feelings to? Probably a very loving, understanding, nurturing figure. Hold an image in your mind of this nurturing figure. Now become that nurturing adult, and treat your thoughts like little children who are crying out for your love and acceptance. Start developing a loving relationship with your internal world.

Most of all, being aware of your internal world allows you to be in the flow of life. It gives you an opportunity to be an authentic person. This allows you to be aligned with your purpose. To be the master of your life!


Best Regards

Phil Keye

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