Is your kid suffering from ADD/ADHD?

Often kids with ADD can get picked on, be called names, labeled, or bullied. When left uncontrolled this can have severe consequences. Phil Keye believes that every kid/teenager is a genius in their own way. He uses internationally accredited techniques to help them access their inner wisdom. Assuming that each kid is a genius, he guides them to finding their own answers which empowers them to make powerful decisions themselves.

Phil Keye does not believe in labelling kids or teens with ADD/ADHD. He believes that people choose to direct their focus in areas which are more inspiring to them, and away from the mundane or what is not inspiring to them. So if a child is daydreaming about scoring a goal while in the science class, then the child may be falsely accused of being ADD, when the kid may just be being true
to himself.

There is only so much a parent or teacher can do to motivate their kids to do something. A more powerful tool is to discover what inspires them from within, also known as their VALUES:

Phil Keye will help your child discover their inner values (what makes them tick) and align this with realistic and practical goals. So for example, lets say your kid loves karate, but struggles with their times tables, then why not let your kid recite the times tables while practicing his karate moves. By linking the kids values to something of importance, your child will feel inspired to do something that used to seem mundane to them.

A lot of the kids I coach are very interested in soccer and may not be interested in the subject of mathematics for example. However it may be useful for the kids to understand certain mathematical concepts, as this helps to explain why the ball moves in certain ways, or it may interest them to know how certain players earn the amount of money they earn. By linking what is of low value, to what is of high value, the kid can become inspired by anything if there is a genuine link. Phil Keye will not motivate your child to do anything, but will inspire them to be their authentic selves. He will teach them practical tools for being more powerful, empowered individuals.