“Dear Phil, Karla and Chanelle, thank you so much for taking the time to come educate us all about bullying and how to handle these stressful situations that we face in our everyday lives as teenagers. You have taught us many special things like, we are all unique and special and how to get through bullying. I really loved how we looked at everyone and how they have two sides, and the how we can all respect each other. Many thanks.” Sabrina de Giovanni

“Thank you for teaching me how to stand up to bullies. Thank you for showing me that there is not only a bad side but a good one as well. Thank you for showing me that a bully cannot get into the way of my achievements or goals. Your are really good at explaining things. Thanks for changing my view on how I see the world now. You have helped me to be confident in myself and except the way I look. Thank you for your time and words.” Katelyn Howie

“Thank you for helping me to stand up against bullies. Thank you for also making me realize that bullying people to get revenge isn’t right. I have learnt a lot from what you’ve taught us today, that bullying has two side, good and bad. I will take everything you have taught us with me everywhere I go.” Zadece

“Thank you for showing me that I must respect myself and others too. Thank you for showing me that I can do great things and how to implement my values. I feel more confident and have gained more self-respect. Thank you.” Kelly

“Thank you for teaching me that bullying isn’t as bad as it seems and what good things came from it. Thank you for helping me love myself for who I am. I will pass all of these lessons onto my children and grandchildren. I hope you achieve even more than you already have. You are amazing teachers. Thank you.” Bronwyn Albers

“Thank you for teaching me that we have a right not to be bullied. I have learnt that good can come form bully, this is a big life lesson. Now I have the tools to get through it. Thank you.” Tao Caldwell

“I just would like to thank you for opening my eyes on things that affected me for a long time, that I never really spoke about. That theres even other people that care about me, even if they werent there at the time. I think this was good for our class since theres been some tension and conflict between us. I learned about bullying from a new perspective: That there are lessons behind the bad situations, and there is always hope for those who do get bullied. I think everyone needed to experience this lesson. So I just wanted to thank you very much for everything.” Montanna Flemming

“I got bullied and it was a shame, but I never realised how many people were actually supporting me until I attended this workshop. Everything happens for a reason. This has made me the person I am today, and I finally realise this. I didn’t like talking about my experience at first because I bottled it up, and didn’t want to open again. But after a while I felt comfortable enough to share and it made me feel free again. Thank you” Bridget