“Dear Phil and Karla, thank you for coming to our school and teaching us life lessons. I feel like a new person because I used to tell myself that I am ugly and fat and no one will ever love me, but now I am starting to put good thoughts about myself in my head. I thank you very much. With love.” Palesa Mokhadi

“Dear Phil and Karla, I learned a valuable lesson about how to treat myself as well as others, and to love others for who they are and to love myself the way I am. In just a few hours you have helped me to trust myself to not let bullying get to me. Thank you so much.” Anonymous

“Dear Phil and Karla, I am grateful for being able to learn how to cope with bullying and how it affects other people. Just to know people like you are out there inspires me to work hard and believe in myself. Thank you for teaching us to not be a victim or a bully.” Tiago

“Dear Phil and Karla, I am thankful for the inspiring lesson. I now understand bullying is not just hurting someone and making them feel insecure, but that it also makes you feel guilty and insecure about yourself. Thank you for taking the time to teach us how I will look like if I keep on bullying or if I stay a victim. I know now how to handle situations like these.” Sange

“Dear Phil and Karla, I am grateful for you being here and teaching us how bad bullying is and how you can prevent it. I will always remember this lesson and keep this book close to me if I ever need help.” Anonymous

“Dear Phil and Karla, I am grateful for how you have asked me to look deep into my heart and express how I feel. Thank you for helping not feel lonely anymore because of bullying, but now have the tools to cope with it. Thank you for making me realize my life is not that bad and that I always have something to be grateful for.” Anonymous

I loved this program, you inspired me to look at the good in life, and to learn from the bad. I learned to be grateful for my present and past. I now understand that I am a better person because of my past;) Thanl you:) Sinenhlanhla Mnguni

Thank you for teaching me to become more aware of the positive things behind the bad situations. Todays lesson taught me not to worry about the small things. You have made ne feel gratefull for my life, and believe in myself more than before. You have taken me out of my shell and made me a better person. Thank you for making me a more loving and caring person 😉 Avumile Khambi 8D

I learned to stand up to the bully. And to put myself in others people shoes when I am being the bully. To express gratitude for what I am gratefull for. Most importantly, I learned to EXPRESS myself! Don’t be afraid to show who you are and don’t be afraid to be yourself. So smile, lifes too short to frown! Careb Saced 8C

As a young educated boy, I learned to be honest with myself, take pride in myself, make right decisions, have confidence and be successful in life. I learned the importance of choosing friends wisely, appreciating my famliy, being honest with people, and learning the lessons from my mistakes. I learned to be brave and say no to bullying. I realized that being bullied made me more open to my family. Khumo Setlhodi 8F

Thank you for teaching me to be grateful, and to take pride in who I am. Thanks for teaching me not to be afraid of those bigger and meaner than me. Thank you for teaching me to stand up for myself and that I am me, I am unique. You are a great man, and you are going far in life. Don’t give up on what you are good at. Helping others is your talent. Kathryn Da Silva Grde 8 studnt