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Welcome to Keye Coaching!

Phil Keye is an internationally recognized and accredited Life Coach (ICF), and has been on this path of self development and discovery for the past 9 years.

Phils passion is to help kids and teenagers to follow their unique destiny and to overcome any life challenges.



A bully does not pick on an empowered individual.


Self Confidance

Once a kid knows his identity and vision for his life, he will have the clarity to make confident decisions.


Peer Pressure

A confident child can easily listen to their inner voice and not be swayed by peer pressure.


Emotional intelligence

A child with emotional intelligence communicates better, and therefore attain his personal goals with intention a lot easier

What Parents Say

  • Our main purpose in seeking your assistance, was to help Michael with his anger management situation. A month later, he is a calm teenager, who is thinking before rushing into an angry outburst, his heart is happy, he is laughing again and loving his relationship with his Dad and I. The cherry on top of things has been that our study sessions have been a bonding experience and have, so far, gone off so well.<br/>
    Thank you for bringing so much love and care to your sessions and for letting Michael feel he can be who he is with you.<br/>
    You are an extraordinary person Phil and we all look forward to future sessions with you, whenever necessary.
    Alex and Bruce
    Mother and Father
  • My son has had a fantastic experience with Phil. What began as a cry for help about discipline and respect from my child turned out to be such a life changing experience for all. The perspective Phil had, helped me to see myself, child and family in a way that is worth more than anything. The amount of love, acceptance, self respect and guidance he gave to my son gave him back his confidence and self-worth. Phil is a great listener and communicator, and is a terrific advocate for children.
    L. Wachtel
  • Tools for Life has been very positive for chloe. Her approach and outlook have changed from “I cant do it, it will never work out”, to a much more positive attitude, like chalk and cheese – Shes willing to try, gives it her best shot, believes she can be successful and wants to take responsibility. it really is unbelievable! Thanks so much for giving Chloe this opportunity, it is a big blessing to us all!

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Is your kid suffering from ADD/ADHD?

Is your kid suffering from ADD/ADHD?

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